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Latest News

6/21/14 - MIFL Championship - Independence Bowl IV
@ Sun National Bank Center Arena - Trenton, NJ
The #1 Seed, Red City Outlaws (from Reading, PA)  met the #2 Seed, Steel City Stampede, at the Sun Bank Center Arena in Trenton, NJ.  With everything on the line, the Stampede proved a bit of playoff experience goes a long way.  In a hard fought, back and forth game, the Stampede held off the Outlaws for a last second victory.  The Steel City Stampede return to glory came with a hard fought battle, and earn bragging rights as top dogs of the league. In 2015, the Stampede will come in as the standard for MIFL championship pedigree. Teams will be gunning to take them down early for confidence, or simply to measure up.  Congrats to all who worked so hard to bring a 2nd championship in only 3 years!!!
Stampede 40 - Outlaws 34
6/7/14- MIFL Conference Championship
The Bayriders made the long trip up the coast to play the Stampede in the semi-finals at the "BullRing".  After the Bayriders pulled to within 1 TD, the Stampede took over from there, almost doubling up the Bayriders for a convincing playoff victory.  The Stampede remain undefeated at home, and move on to play the Red City Outlaws in the MIFL Championship.
Stampede 60 - Bayriders 32
5/31/14- The Stampede get a well deserved rest, enjoying a bye in the first round of the playoffs.  After the dust settled, the Bayriders will be heading to town next week for the Conference Championship.
5/17/14- The Stampede end their season with another forfeit victory over the now defunct Kensington Jokers.
The Stampede end the regular season with a 7-1 record, with their only loss coming in Week 2, by 1 point to the defending champ Hurricanes.  The Stampede earned a #2 seed for the upcoming MIFL  playoffs and a first round bye.
5/11/14- Looking to build momentum heading into the playoffs, the Stampede traveled to the home of the "Kings" and made a statement with a very convincing
28 point victory.  After their 5th straight win, the
Stampede move to 6-1 on the year.
Stampede 46 - Kings 18
5/3/14- In their 2nd match-up of the season, the defending champs Hurricanes had to travel to the "BullRing" to play the Stampede, this time in our house.
In a hard hitting, chippy game, the Stampede were able to hold off a 2nd Half Hurricane comeback, and hold on for the victory.
Stampede 37 - Hurricanes 26
4/26/14- The Stampede pick-up a forfeit victory from the now defunct Kensington Jokers... move to 4-1.
4/12/14 - The Phantoms of Wilkes-Barre traveled down the northeast extention to the Bullring for this weeks game. Unfortunatly that would be the last happy thought they would have this afternoon. With the
stampede firing on all cylinders, the Phantoms didnt stand a chance.
Stampede 78 - Phantoms 12
4/5/14 - Stampede go for a long haul down to the Delmarva Bayriders and weathered the surf to come
back to Pennsylvania victorioius. Moves their record to 
2-1 on the season... 
Stampede 31 - Bayriders 20
3/29/14 - Steel City travels to the ciy of Brotherly Love to participate in the mud bowl against the defending champs, North Philly Huricanes. Unfortunatly the Hurricanes edged this one out, and sent Steel City back up the northeast extention with a last minute loss.
Hurricanes 13 - Stampede 12
3/22/14 - The Ladco Kings Travel north to kick off the season against the Steel City Stampede at their Home Opener. Steel City wasted no time in welcoming them to the league, and glided easily to a convincing win.
Stampede 44 - Kings 12

If you are interested in joining the Stampede, please email us at:

Steelcitystampede@ymail.com or call 610-442-7374.

​Games This Season

Steel City Stampede

Week 1   3/21/15 - Ducks @ Stampede

Week 2   3/28/15 - Raptors @ Stampede

                 4/4/15 -  League Wide Bye Week

Week 3   4/11/15 - Mustangs @ Stampede

Week 4   4/18/15 - Stampede @ Chiefs

Week 5   4/25/15 - Stampede - BYE

Week 6   5/2/15 -  Stampede @ Ducks

Week 7   5/9/15 - Phantoms @ Stampede

Week 8   5/16/15 - Stampede @ Raptors


5/30/15 - Wild Card Saturday
6/6/15 - Semi Final Saturday
6/13/15 - MIFL Championship
6/20/15 - The 2015 MIFL "All Star Scuffle"

MIFL Championship
6/21/14 - WIN
Stampede- 40 @ Outlaws- 34
MIFL Conference Championship
6/7/14 - WIN
Bayriders- 32 @ Stampede- 60
MIFL Quarterfinals
#2 Stampede - 1st Rd. Bye
5/17/14 - WIN
Stampede @ Jokers (Forfeit)
5/11 /14 - WIN
Stampede-46 @ Kings-18
5/3/14- WIN
Hurricanes-26 @ Stampede-37
4/26/14- WIN
Jokers @ Stampede (Forfeit)
4/12/14-  WIN
Phantoms-12 @ Stampede-78
4/5/14-  WIN
Stampede-31 @ Bayriders-20
3/29/14-  LOSS
Stampede-12 @ Hurricanes-13
3/22/14-  WIN
Kings-12 @ Stampede-44



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